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Forensic Investigation Support
Sicarius are internationally recognised Digital Forensic experts. With over 25 years of Digital Forensics experience, we provide world class Digital Forensic services for all investigation types.

Forensic Investigation Support


At Sicarius, we understand the critical role that digital forensics plays in modern investigations. Our dedicated team of digital forensic professionals deliver exceptional results, tailored solutions, and unrivalled expertise. We offer a comprehensive suite of services that will address your unique investigation needs.


By partnering with Sicarius you gain access to a team of highly skilled experts who specialise in forensic analysis of computers, phones, servers, drones, and many other digital devices, utilising cutting-edge tools and techniques.


At Sicarius we understand the importance of:


  • Legal compliance with laws and regulations
  • Respect for all parties involved in the investigation
  • Rules of evidence including Chain of Custody, verification and evidence handling procedures
  • Confidentiality and privacy through robust security measures to safeguard your sensitive information.
  • Clearly presented findings in an easy to understand report
  • Original and Client copies of all forensic evidence
  • Regular and thorough client updates on progress of the investigation to inform real time decision making


Our success is reflected in our strong track record and reputation. Our digital forensics team has a proven history of successful investigations and satisfied clients, providing you with the confidence and trust needed to choose Sicarius as your digital forensics partner.


Intellectual Property Theft:  Protecting your valuable intellectual property is crucial for businesses across all industries. Sicarius assists our clients in investigating cases of intellectual property theft, including trade secrets, patents, digital code, financial data, and proprietary information. Through in-depth digital analysis, we trace the origins of the theft and uncover evidence to support legal action, safeguarding your intellectual assets.


Fraud investigations:  In cases of financial fraud, digital forensics plays a pivotal role in unravelling complex schemes and identifying the culprits. Our team utilises advanced forensic techniques to recover and analyse electronic evidence, including financial transactions, communication records, and data manipulation, providing invaluable support to fraud investigations.


Employee Misconduct: Allegations of employee misconduct require a thorough and impartial investigation. Sicarius helps organisations uncover digital evidence related to unauthorised access, data theft, harassment, and policy violations. Our expert team employs cutting-edge tools and methodologies to identify and preserve evidence, ensuring a fair and comprehensive investigation process.


Litigation Support:  In legal proceedings, digital evidence can be a decisive factor.  Sicarius offers comprehensive litigation support services, assisting legal teams in collecting, proserving, and analysing digital evidence to strengthen their cases. Our experts provide expert testimony and deliver clear, concise reports that stand up to scrutiny in court.


Restructuring Support:  Sicarius Digital Forensic Services play a crucial role in company restructuring efforts. We ensure the secure extraction, preservation, and analysis of digital evidence, safeguarding critical information and providing valuable insights for legal proceedings and compliance requirements.

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