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The probability and severity of a cyber incident on your business all comes down to the decisions you do or do not make today.
Sentry is a free community service developed by Sicarius. Download it now and protect and prepare your business from cyber attack.
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Experienced, Dependable and Responsive
A combined 50 years experience across the IT landscape, for varied clients, globally.
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Sicarius is Proud Partners with SolCyber

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Cyber Defense Preparation

Prepare your organisation for cyber attacks with these proven tools and techniques, developed by first class experts.

Cyber Incident Response

Sicarius responders are battle hardened, tried and tested incident response professionals. No open check books or endless engagement and no unnecessary overheads multiplying the costs.

Forensic Investigation Support

Sicarius are internationally recognised Digital Forensic experts. With over 25 years of Digital Forensics experience, we provide world class Digital Forensic services for all investigation types.

The right approach

We identify, preserve and examine data from computers, phones, cloud services, drones, Industrial Control Systems and more.

We use cutting edge tools and techniques to:
  • Identify digital sources
  • Preserve and secure vital information
  • Recover critical, lost or damaged data
  • Analyse and investigate the attack, incident or activity
  • Deliver comprehensive, professional reports
Where necessary, we adhere to the following industry standards and best practices:
  • NIST 800-61r2
  • ISO 27k
  • Mitre Att&ck Framework
We investigate terrorism, fraud, child protection, people smuggling, cyber attacks, insider threat, anti corruption and many other digital incidents.

Why us?

Dependable and responsive

After examining thousands of artefacts, we know every matter deserves the same rigorous attention to detail and reliable service. So you can count on us to stay in touch throughout the process, and we’re always available to answer your questions.


Hands on experience in over 30 countries across 5 continents for law enforcement organisations, NGOs, multinational and private sector companies. We’ve also presented evidence to courts in Australia and Asia.

Easy-to-Understand findings

Your reports, debriefs, and testimony get delivered in easy-to-understand, clear and concise language. We present your results in writing, verbally, in person and online – whatever works best.